Thank you for visiting my small piece of space on this great web. I'm Craig Vincent and in this space you'll find some of the various things I enjoy, including galleries of my photography and cartography. I've had a passion for photography for as long as I can remember and started in a darkroom with film in the 90's. Digital cameras cut my time with film short, but the short time with it gave me an appreciation for taking my time and making each click important. Starting in 2011, I started taking my photography more seriously. I converted our detached garage into a black studio and started shooting low-key portraiture which has become the main style of my work. I love the feel and emotion of black and white though I drift into color at times.

My photography includes all forms of portraiture, from simple headshots and senior portraits to boudoir and fantasy-themed shoots. If you have questions or you're interested in working with me, please send me a message. 

I created my first digital map in Oct 2012. It wasn't bad for a first map but looking back its not something I share too often. Since then, I've greatly refined my techniques and settled into a couple different styles that I prefer. All of my cartography is based on fantasy, whether that be alternate reality of Earth, mainstream fantasy universes, or my own creations. I have not done cartography commission work so far, and I'm not sure I would, but if you have a project and want to discuss it, send me a message.

Originally from Tacoma, WA, I packed up and moved to NW Houston, TX at the end of 2017. I've coached soccer and taught athletic mental education professionally since 2000 which provides the added benefit that I'm continuously passing background checks to work with kids. 

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